Volunteer training course in English

Volunteer training course in English

Training course for volunteers supporting foreign women who live in Japan

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When you live abroad, you experience many stressful situations. You can’t communicate well because you don’t know the language. You don’t know where or how to get information on daily life. Education system and medical services are different from what you are used to. Relations with your coworkers and friends etc. can be difficult because of the cultural differences. You can also experience racism and discrimination based on your ethnicity and gender. Would you like to support foreign women who face these kinds of problems?

Support volunteers have one to two 4-hour shifts per month. They support foreign women online by talking on the phone, chatting on a chat or answering questions which have been sent by email. Support volunteers work in teams of three. Occasionally volunteers accompany foreign women to a ward office, a social council office etc. Volunteers can choose whether they only provide online support or if they also support foreign women in person. Travel expenses will be reimbursed when supporting foreign women in person.

There is no obligation for the participants of this course to become volunteers. If you want to volunteer after completing the course, you will receive extra training for 4 months once a month by taking part in support activities under guidance. After finishing this training, you can start to volunteer.

We offer support for foreign women in multiple languages, Easy Japanese, Easy English, and in women’s first language via translation application. You can study about Easy Japanese, Easy English, how to use the translation application, and how to look for information during the extra training.

If you can’t join the course every time, you can watch a recording afterwards, but in this case, you also need to sign up for the whole course in advance. 

Contents of the support volunteer training course

①     Active listening skills

Listening skills are the most important tool in the tool kit of a support volunteer. On this course you learn about various active listening skills through a lecture and role play exercises.

Lecturer: Ms. Haley Waggener, TELL Japan Kansai Outreach Coordinator

Date: September 18th (Sat) 2-4pm

Online via ZOOM

Fee: 1000yen

Please sign up through the Peatix online event website.


②     Support for victims of domestic violence

・How do you define domestic violence?

・What kind of support services are available?

・What to keep in mind when supporting foreign women who are experiencing domestic violence?

Lecturer: Ms. Sunhwa JANG, Kyoto YWCA/APT (Asian People Together)

Date: September 26th (Sun) 10am-12 noon

Online via ZOOM

Fee: 1000yen

Please sign up through the Peatix online event website. 


③  Divorce and inheritance law in Japan

・How to prepare for a divorce

・Property and custody rights

・Inheritance law

・Legal support services available for foreign women

Lecturer: Ms. Satoko TOMITA, Director of the International Affairs Office of Japan Legal Support Center (Hoterasu),

Date: September 28th (Tue) 7-9pm

Online via ZOOM

Fee: 1000yen

Please sign up through the Peatix online event website.


This volunteer training course has been made possible through a grant from the Mitsubishi Foundation and the charity Akaihane Chuo Kyodo Bokinkai. 

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