Donations to Ukrainian refugees

We recommend two organizations Kraiany and AAR Japan for donations for Ukrainian refugees. You can find more information about them here

Donations to Paruyon

Paruyon is a volunteer organization. We have no full-time staff. Our activities are financed either by grants or donations. Even a small donation would help.


You can help us by donating your time by volunteering, but you can also donate money.

We accept donations to the bank account below.

Bank Kyoto Bank (bank code 0158)
Branch Sanjo Branch (branch code 121)
Account type Futsuu
Account holder ガイコクジンジョセイノカイパルヨン
Account number 4176134

Electric appliances

You can also donate appliances, a hot water pot, a mobile phone, a laptop, a desktop computer, a tablet, a headset, a camera or a video camera.

Office supplies

You can donate office supplies, pens, paper, notebooks, markers etc.


If you have a venue Paruyon could use for our meetings in Kyoto or in Tokyo,

we would appreciate it very much .

Contact us

If you are interested in donating to Paruyon,

please contact us through the contact form .

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