You can support foreign women in many ways.

Social media ambassadors

Like and share our postings on social media.

Outreach ambassadors

Distribute our leaflets to places where foreign women could find them.

Ask stores and restaurants to hang our posters on their walls.

Tell foreign women about our activities by handing our introduction cards to them.

Facilitators for meetings and walks

We need meeting facilitators to help us run our meetings smoothly.

We need facilitators for “Puhuu” meetings for foreign women to talk about life in Japan both online and offline.

We provide training for the facilitators.

We need also facilitators for our walking events to plan the walks and make sure that everyone is having a good time and feels included.

At the moment, we have walking events only in Kyoto.

Translators into Easy Japanese

If you have any experience of translating from standard Japanese to easy Japanese, or if you are interested in learning how to do it, we need translators who can translate news and information into Easy Japanese.

Translators into other languages

We are constantly looking for volunteers who can translate into other languages as well, especially from English into Japanese, but other languages are also welcome.


Paruyon’s activities are funded by grants. We need to apply for them regularly. Often the grant applications are written by our foreign members, and we need native Japanese speakers to proofread them before submitting. If you have experience in writing applications or official reports, we would be happy to add you to our volunteers.

Administrative volunteers

Paruyon has many activities. Paruyon is also often invited to talk about issues foreign women face. Paruyon receives many emails. Paruyon needs also administrative volunteers to answer emails, prepare and file documents. If you have experience in administrative (office) work, we would be happy to hear from you.

Writers and photographers

Paruyon also looks for writers and photographers for Paruyon’s social media and blogs. If you like writing and/or taking photos, please try out writing and photographing for Paruyon.

Support phone/ chat volunteers

We need also volunteers who can volunteer regularly once or twice a month on our support phone/ chat. We have training coursers for support phone/ chat volunteers both in Japanese and English. Please inquire about our upcoming courses.

Applying for volunteer work

You can apply for volunteering at Paruyon by clicking the button below

You can also inquire about volunteering opportunities by sending an email to volunteer(at) paruyon.com

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